Internships are a powerful form of work based learning involving structured and meaningful work experiences with responsibility and accountability. Internships should challenge students to apply and build on their academic, technical and employability skills. Internships can be paid or unpaid. CMS students who are interested in exploring internships or other work-based learning opportunities should fill out the AIP application below. Click on the link for additional work-based learning opportunities.

Work-Based Learning - AIP Internships
Work-based learning is an instructional strategy that provides students with a variety of experiences that are designed to bridge the gap between classroom instruction and the world of work.

WBL experiences provide students the opportunity to gain knowledge and develop employability skills leading to better informed career choices and readiness.

Work-based learning strategies can include:


**Business/Industry Field Trips**

Cooperative Education


Job Shadowing


School-Based Enterprise

Service Learning

Work-based learning applies to all levels of learners. WBL covers a continuum of career awareness, exploration, and preparation that move students from school to workplace.

Please contact Mrs. O'Boyle in Student Services for additional information on work-based learning opportunities.